Log File Monitor


LoFiMo - Log File Monitor  v.1.0

monitors logfiles and displays in realtime.

Free File Monitor  v.3.8.8

Free File Monitor is a system utility that can persistently monitor all the folders including subfolders for newly added/deleted/changed files. It lets you easily monitor the software activities in your computer system.


PCBooster Free File Monitor  v.7.3.6

PCBooster Free File Monitor will lend you a hand to monitor the whole disk, the C drive or any specific partition/directory. It reveals the events in real-time in the main window, including file and folder creation, modification and deletion.

File Monitor  v.3.7

File Monitor takes a lot of manual work off your hands by constantly monitoring folders for the creation of new files. When a new file is detected, a custom action can be carried out. Files are processed only when completely written.

Sentry-go Quick File Monitor  v.4 5

The Sentry-go Quick File Monitor allows you to quickly & easily monitor changes made to both local and remote files, the contents of those files, directory changes & structure modifications, entries written to local Event Logs.

Log File Remover  v.

Log File Remover was developed as a small and accessible software utility that's able to remove log files from your system.

Network File Monitor Professional  v.2.32.16

Network File Monitor Professional is a software for real time replication, backup, synchronization and mirroring over LAN, WAN and Internet for system administrators, mobile users and all those who need to keep data up-to-date in different places.

Pytail: log file monitoring utility  v.0.0.1

Module to allow for reading lines from a continuously-growing file (such as a system log).

Network File Monitor Pro  v.2.28.2

Data replication, backup and synchronization software for networks. Has flexible scheduler settings and numerous functions: file copying and moving inside LAN, HTTP, FTP and E-mail file transfer, launching programs, sending message between computers,

LEMA - Log/Event Monitor and Analyser  v.86.64

LEMA is an easy to use Log-Server.

Httpdwatch - apache's log file parser  v.0.1.0.beta

A parser that matches httpd access/error logs entries, recognizes spoiled accesses and split entries by date filter and good/bad accesses.

Log Monitor Export

Log Monitor Export allows customers to process many remote log file or create notifications about user-defined events within monitored files. Collects remote log file rows, monitors files, writes rows from log files to a database, MS RTF file or multiple

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